London 2012; Hackney Wick Station (rebuilt)

Photo: AotG

Hackney Wick station was a transport point for the London 2012 Olympics Games. Between Spring 2017 and May 2018 the station was rebuilt and modernised.

Client: Network Rail and London Legacy Development Corporation
Design: Landolt + Brown Architects and artist Wendy Hardie





Photo: AotG
Photo: AotG
Photo: AotG


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PyeongChang 2018; Spectator Transportation Paralympic Games



Route NumberRoute MapOperating DateBus IntervalTime/Distance
TS 1Jinbu Station ~ Jeongseon Alpin Centre10~1810min25min/25km
TS 2Jinbu Station ~ Jinbu Bus Terminal9~1810min7min/2.4km
TS 3Jinbu Station ~ Alpensia Olympic Park10~14, 16~1810min21min/14km
TS 4Jeongseon Park & Ride ~ Jeongsoen Alpine Centre10~1810min13min/8.4km
TS 5Jeongseon Bus Terminal ~ Jeongseon Arari Park ~ Jeongseon Alpine Centre10~1810min24min/17km
TS 6Daegwallyeong Park & Ride ~ Alpensia Olympic Park10~145min11min/6.5km
TS 7Daegwallyeong Park & Ride ~ PyeongChang Olympic Plaza9~185min3min/2km
TS 8PyeongChang Olympic Plaza ~ Alpensia Olympic Park16~1810min9min/5km
TS 10North Gangneung Park & Ride ~ Gangneung Olympic Park9~185min12min/7.5m
TS 11Gangneung Station ~ Gangneung Olympic Park9~185min7min/2km
TS 11-1Gangneung Station Park & Ride ~ Gangneung Station ~ Gangneung Olympic Park (Fast Track Routes Mainly for People With Vulnerability)9~1815min10min/3.5km
TS 12Gangneung Bus Terminal ~ Gangneung Olympic Park9~1810min13min/7km
TS 20Jinbu Station ~ PyeongChang Olympic Plaza ~ Daegwallyeong Park & Ride9~1010min30min/17.2km
TS 21North Gangneung Park & Ride ~ Daegwallyeong Park & Ride9~1820min36min/41km