2024 Bid; Los Angeles agree to host 2028 Olympic Games

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Press release by the International Olympic Committee:

Los Angeles Declares Candidature for Olympic Games 2028 – IOC to contribute USD 1.8 billion to the local Organising Committee

In line with Olympic Agenda 2020, the IOC is pleased to release today the Host City Contract 2028 following the declaration of candidature by the Los Angeles Olympic and Paralympic Candidature Committee for the Olympic Games 2028. In it, the IOC stipulates that it will make contributions to the Organising Committee representing an overall estimated value of USD 1.8 billion.

In comparison to the Host City Contract 2024, the IOC is making two major changes: the IOC will advance funds to a Los Angeles Organising Committee in view of the longer planning period and to increase participation and access to youth sports programmes in the City of Los Angeles in the years leading up to the Games.


Read the full press release here.


Download the Host City Contract 2028 here.

2024 Bid; 130th IOC Session: The day after

Reactions on the approved plan for Paris and Los Angeles to be jointly awarded the 2024 and 2028 Olympic Games;


Los Angeles 2024

“This is a proud day for Los Angeles and for the Olympic and Paralympic Movements in America.

We’re thrilles with the IOC’s decision today, which is a major step forward in making LA’s Olympic Dream a reality.

Today, two of the world’s greatest cities, with outstanding but different proposals, stand ready to serve and advance the Olympic and Paralympic movements and their values. We look forward to working with the IOC and Paris in the weeks ahead to turn this golden opportunity into a golden future together.”




Statement by United States Olympic Committee Chief Executive Officer Scott Blackmun:

“Today’s decision by the IOC is historic and welcome. We look forward to working with our partners in LA, our friends in Paris, and the IOC administration to make the dream of bringing the Games back to the United States a reality.”


Paris 2024



IOC; Session votes in support of joint awarding of 2024 and 2028 Olympic Games

Today the IOC membership approved the following proposal:

“Recognising the exceptional circumstances and unique opportunities presented by the candidatures of Los Angeles and Paris for the Olympic Games 2024, the International Olympic Committee takes the following decision:

1. To authorise the IOC Executive Board to conclude a tripartite agreement with Los Angeles and Paris and their respective NOCs for the simultaneous election of the host cities of the Olympic Games 2024 and 2028 during the 131st IOC Session in Lima;

2. Should such tripartite agreement be concluded, the 131st IOC Session will ratify the tripartite agreement, thereby electing one city for the Olympic Games 2024 and the other city for the Olympic Games 2028. To that effect, the 130th IOC Session hereby waives the seven-year deadline set out in Rule 33.2 of the Olympic Charter; and

3. Should such tripartite agreement not be concluded, the 131st IOC Session will proceed with the election of the host city 2024 in accordance with the current election procedure.”


You can read the full press release here.



Press conference

IOC president Thomas Bach said:

“This is an golden opportunity for today, but it is of really great importance for the future of the Olympic Games because ensuring stability of the Olympic Games for 11 years is really, in our world, something extraordinary.”

“This is why we think that today this is a great day therefore the Olympic games and for the Olympic Movement. It is a great day also for this wonderful cities.”

“This is really a win-win-win situation for everybody.”


About the timeframe of the agreement Thomas Bach said:

“We will start right away. We will have a diner tonight and maybe we will already start talking over diner. But not forget to celebrate a little a bit.”

“I Have already appointed the Evaluation Commission for 2028 so that in fact from tomorrow on we can start discussing. But what we also have to respect are off course procedures to be followed in the two cities. So if you ask me I hope in August we could be there if everything is going well.”


Eric Garcetti (Mayor of Los Angeles) said:

“In the past we have looked at the Olympics as when we bid it is a winner take all. There is no silver medal when you bid. But maybe the better metaphor is, in Olympic history we have actually had 37 times which there has been a tie for a golden medal. And maybe today is the 38 time.”

“For Los Angeles it is a golden opportunity. One that we don’t take lightly.”

“I want to thank the people of my city. The Angelinos who have believed in the Olympics for over a century. For the first time in a generation we are going to bring you an Olympics home. For my daughter, for your children en grand children; They will experience what the magic of that experience is. They will see what it means to have the world in our backyard.”


Anne Hidalgo (Mayor of Paris) said:

“I am fully committed with the Paris team to putting all my energy, our creativity and my resolve into reaching an agreement for Paris to experience once again this Olympic adventure that it has been longing for for 100 years.”

2024 Bid; IOC Evaluation Commission Report: OCOG Budget and Venue Funding compared

OCOG Budgets compared

RevenueLA 2024Paris 2024ExpenditureLA 2024Paris 2024
USD Million%USD Million%USD Million%USD Million%
IOC Contribution73513.877520Venue Infrastructure119122.472218
TOP Programme (gross)3907.341510Sport, Games Services & Ops99518.791523
Domestic Sponsorship (gross)193136.3112528Technology5279.947612
Ticket Sales153728.9119530People Management68812.959815
Licensing & Merchandising2254.21303Ceremonies & Culture1953.61905
Government Contribution100.21143Comms, Marketing & Look1953.62356
Lotteries70.1501Corprate Admin. & Legacy2865.42316
Other Revenues4909.21604Other Expenses76014.32506
Total Revenues53251003964100Total Expenditures53251003964100


Venue Funding Los Angeles

VenueUSD MillionFunding
Competition Venues
Velodrome (track cycling)66OCOG Budget
Lake Perris (rowing/ canoe sprint)6OCOG Budget
LA Stadium at Hollywood Park (archery, ceremonies)2600Private Funding
LA FC Stadium (football preliminaries)350Private Funding
LA Memorial Coliseum (athletics, ceremonies)270Private Funding
Non-Competition Venues
International Broadcasting Centre (IBC)TBCPrivate Funding


Venue Funding Paris

VenueUSD MillionFunding
Competition Venues
Paris Arena II (basketball, wrestling)103Private-public partnership
Aquatics Centre (swimming, diving, synchronised swimming)123Public Funding
Roland-Garros (tennis, boxing)399Private Funding
Other competition venues (upgrade works)267Public Funding
Non-Competition Venues
Olympic and Paralympic Village1448Private-public partnership
Media Village373Private-public partnership
IBC/MPC57Private-public partnership
Training Venues114Private-public partnership
Other non-competition venues302Private-public partnership



Report of the IOC 2024 Evaluation Commission. (link)

2024 Bid; IOC Evaluation Commission Report: Public Opinion

Los Angeles





Report of the IOC 2024 Evaluation Commission. (link)
The IOC Opinion Poll was run by Sports Marketing Surveys Inc.

Read more about the poll methodology on page 177 of the report.