Montréal 1976; Olympic Stadium


Interview with the architect: (Roger Taillibert)



Financial problems

When that stadium was in the planning stages, then-International Olympic President Rogi Rousseau’s projections were rosy: “The 1976 Olympic Games will be self-financing, without adding in any way to the Canadian taxpayer’s burden. Without any special subsidy of any type whatsoever.” It didn’t work out that way. The Olympic Stadium’s cost overruns were spectacularly excessive. Over the years, the building required numerous expensive repairs. The people of Montreal didn’t finish paying the bill, which climbed over $1 billion, until 2006, by which time the building had been without a regular tenant for two years. It still doesn’t have one.

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London 2012; Transformation Aquatics Centre (2)

London 2012; Transformation Olympic Stadium started

The transformation of the 2012 Olympic Stadium has started. The seats in the lower bowl were removed and the track is covered with soil and concrete. The next step is the removal of the 14 iconic floodlights. The new roof will be completed by spring 2015.

(video: London Legacy Development Corporation)

New retractable seating will be installed from October 2015. The transformation works are completed in the summer of 2016.


From 2016 the stadium will be used for football (West Ham United) and athletics (annual Diamond League meeting).


London 2012; Olympic Legacy Exhibition


As a major element of the 2012 Games legacy, The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park will be transformed to create a new metropolitan district of the capital. A permanent display at NLA shows the changes that will be taking place as part of the wider Legacy Masterplan which is overseen by the London Legacy Development Corporation.


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London 2012; Transformation Aquatics Centre

The transformation of the Aquatics Centre is almost finished. Two nice pictures from @waypointtweet on Twitter: