Rio 2016; “Behind the Scenes” videos by the IOC


The International Olympic Committee has uploaded a series of videos about a variety of subjects. They all give an interesting look behind the scenes at an event of enormous scale.

All links refer to YouTube 


Golden Rules of Engagement with Games Stakeholders

Building an Event Capability within an OCOG

A Mission to Communicate

Venue & Event Operations

Engagement Removed

People Management Removed

A Day in the Life of an Athlete

The Chef de Mission Experience

Bus Transport

Venue Transport – Understanding the space and delivering the services

Fleet Transport

Olympic Architecture – after the Circus Leaves Town

This BBC documentary from 10 years ago appeared last week on YouTube



Olympic Architecture – after the Circus Leaves Town
BBC Four, 29 March 2006 20.30
Synopsis: How can planners for London’s Olympics ensure a positive impact on surrounding communities? And what lessons can be learnt fiom former host cities? Contributors include architect Lord Norman Foster.