Olympic bids from the past; Los Angeles vs. Paris

Leading up to the 2024 host city election, we pay attention to Olympic bids from the past. Today, the bids of Los Angeles and Paris.


Los AngelesParis
Applicant city --
Candidate city 1924 (Paris)1992 (Barcelona)
1928 (Amsterdam)2008 (Beijing)
1948 (London)2012 (London)
1952 (Helsinki)
1956 (Melbourne / Stockholm)
1976 (Montreal)
1980 (Moscow)
Host city 1932 (only bid)1900 (only bid)
1984 (only bid)1924 (other candidates: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Prague, Rome)


  • Los Angeles; 9 bids, 2 successful
  • Paris; 5 bids, 2 successful