Exhibition; In a Flash – The Art of Sports Photography (The Olympic Museum)

Photo: Martijn Giebels / Architecture of the Games


An exhibition on sports photography opened last week in The Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland. From The Olympic Museum:

Original sports photos in the spotlight from 25 May to 19 November 2017

A six-month programme devoted to the art of sports photography, emotions and the crucial moment. You will never look at sports photos in the same way again.

What if photographing sport was a whole other art? The Olympic Museum in Lausanne is celebrating the 8th art from every angle with, at the top of the list, a major exhibition, “Who Shot Sports: A Photographic History, 1843 to the present” organised by the Brooklyn Museum; a retrospective of “Rio 2016: through the lens of four photographers”; a “best of” selection of 20 photos from the IOC’s collections; and finally, a big weekend event devoted to sports imagery.


For more information visit the The Olympic Museum website.


Simultaneously with the exhibition, The Olympic Museum organizes a photo contest. Read more.