Online Game; Pierre de Coubertin in search of a sustainable stadium (by The Olympic Museum)

The Olympic Museum has made this game to introduce children to the world of Olympic planning and design. Participants of the game learn about the sustainable requirements that an Olympic stadium nowadays should meet.



Host cities and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) work together to ensure that sustainable development is at the heart of all Olympic construction.

An Olympic stadium must be environmentally friendly, it must meet the needs of the Games and beyond, and be useful to the local population and the local economy. That is what is meant by a sustainable stadium.

Now, imagine that the founder of the modern Olympic Games, Pierre de Coubertin, who died in 1937, has travelled through time, emerging right at the moment a sustainable Olympic stadium is being designed. He doesn’t understand anything, but he’s eager to learn. Follow in his footsteps as he observes the six phases of building a stadium.

Talk with a representative of the IOC, the mayor of the host city, the architect and a citizen.


Play the Game here