Olympic Agenda 2020 unveiled

Olympic Agenda 2020 - 20+20 Recommendations to shape the future


Olympic Agenda 2020: Strategic roadmap for the future of the Olympic Movement unveiled

IOC President says “Now is the time for change”

International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach today revealed the 40 proposals that make up Olympic Agenda 2020, a strategic roadmap for the future of the Olympic Movement, which will be discussed and voted on by the full IOC membership at the 127th IOC Session this 8 and 9 December in Monaco.

During the public launch of the recommendations at The Olympic Museum in Lausanne, President Bach called the 20+20 proposals “the culmination of a year of open, transparent and widespread debate and discussion, which had already begun in mid-2013.”

“These 40 recommendations are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle,” he added. “When you put them together, a picture emerges that shows the IOC safeguarding the uniqueness of the Olympic Games and strengthening sport in society.”

The IOC President first presented the recommendations to a round table of athletes, many of whom actively contributed to the Olympic Agenda 2020 process. The discussion included a number of medal-winning Olympians.

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20+20 Recommendations to shape the future of the Olympic Movement

  1. Shape the bidding process as an invitation
  2. Evaluate bid cities by assessing key opportunities and risks
  3. Reduce the cost of bidding
  4. Include sustainability in all aspects of the Olympic Games
  5. Include sustainability within the Olympic Movement’s daily operations
  6. Cooperate closely with other sports event organisers
  7. Strengthen relationships with organisations managing sport for people with different abilities
  8. Forge relationships with professional leagues
  9. Set a framework for the Olympic programme
  10. Move from a sport-based to an event-based programme
  11. Foster gender equality
  12. Reduce the cost and reinforce the flexibility of Olympic Games management
  13. Maximise synergies with Olympic Movement stakeholders
  14. Strengthen the 6th Fundamental Principle of Olympism
  15. Change the philosophy to protecting clean athletes
  16. Leverage the IOC USD 20 million fund to protect clean athletes
  17. Honour clean athletes
  18. Strengthen support to athletes
  19. Launch an Olympic Channel
  20. Enter into strategic partnerships
  21. Strengthen IOC advocacy capacity
  22. Spread Olympic values-based education
  23. Engage with communities
  24. Evaluate the Sport for Hope programme
  25. Review Youth Olympic Games positioning
  26. Further blend sport and culture
  27. Comply with basic principles of good governance
  28. Support autonomy
  29. Increase transparency
  30. Strengthen the IOC Ethics Commission independence
  31. Ensure compliance
  32. Strengthen ethics
  33. Further involve sponsors in “Olympism in Action” programmes
  34. Develop a global licensing programme
  35. Foster TOP sponsors’ engagement with NOCs
  36. Extend access to the Olympic brand for non-commercial use
  37. Address IOC membership age limit
  38. Implement a targeted recruitment process
  39. Foster dialogue with society and within the Olympic Movement
  40. Review scope and composition of IOC commissions


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