IOC; Olympism in Action Forum Buenos Aires 2018 – News roundup

In 1950, 30 per cent of the world’s population lived in cities. Today, that number is 55 per cent, and according to the UN’s latest projections, by 2050 it will be 68 per cent, with 90 per cent of the urban population growth between now and then happening in Asia and Africa. The topography of where people live is changing dramatically and, along with that, sport is changing.

Source: IOC
Full article: Sport: The Changing Urban Landscape


All eyes were on the future at the Olympism in Action Forum in Buenos Aires. Speakers discussed the future of sport itself, what the future fan might look like, and how the process of hosting the Olympic Games is evolving to become more flexible, cost-effective and focused on ensuring a sustainable legacy for the host city, region and nation.

Source: IOC
Full article: Looking to the Future of Sport and the Games


No Boston Olympics co-chairman Chris Dempsey claimed he has not seen any evidence in the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Agenda 2020 and New Norm reforms which shows the organisation has changed.

Source: Inside the Games
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