IOC; IOC Executive Board Meeting July 2017: Updates and decisions

Updates and decisions by the IOC Executive Board:


Rio 2016

On Sunday the IOC Executive Board met with de president of the Rio 2016 organizing committee and released the following statement concerning the status of the dissolution process of the organizing committee of Rio2016 (and outstanding payments):

Given that more detailed information is required before Rio2016 financial accounts can be closed, the Executive Board deferred any further consideration at this stage. The Executive Board state that the IOC has closed all of its obligations with the organizing committee in December 2016. As confirmed by the organizing committee. The IOC contributed a record amount to the succesful staging of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. According to audited accounts we contributed $1.53 billion to their success. This is in addition to an exceptional effort to significant cost savings and additional financial undertakings by all the Olympic stakeholders which amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars to make these historic Games possible.



PyeongChang 2018

Christophe Dubi (IOC’s Executive Director of the Olympic Games) said:

“On construction. The main news is that the train infrastructure is ready. So Korea rail is now entering into the testing and commissioning phase for this critical infrastructure which will be widely used for the Games.”

“Both the parks in PyeongChang and Gangneung are in full detailed development and operational mode.”

“We are in to the details of the transport plan. The one element we are still looking in to very much detail is the arrivals. And in particular the arrivals for the athletes en NOC delegations. We want to make sure that the experience when arriving in Seoul and the transitions between the various transport modes is a sleek one. So that is definitely something that retain our attention.”


About accommodation Christophe Dubi said:

“The situation is rather simple. Compared to the initial bid you have a number of hotels that were not build. And as a result we had to spread some of the constituents wider.”

“The PyeongChang, espacialy the Alpensia situation is very tense. But we have found now very good solutions for all groups. Nevertheless we are reliant on 11 hotel to be delivered. There will be a very close monitoring to make sure that they are delivered.”

“It is a tight situation but at the same time we have everything we need at this point in time which is reassuring.”

“We have other options in this respect and are looking in them obviously. But first priority is really; each of these 11 hotels. Constant visits, assessment of the situation from a construction standpoint.”

“You cannot say that the 11 hotels are exactly at the same point of construction.” … “We have 11 different situations so 11 responses.”

“It’s in between 1500 to 2000 rooms.”


Tokyo 2020

Christophe Dubi said:

“An excellent report from Tokyo.”

“They reported on construction which is as you know on time including the Olympic Stadium that will be ready in November 2019.”

“You have heard from president Coates that we still expect some cost efficiencies when it comes to the budget. This is something that is well recognised by the authorities so the numbers we have seen so far are certainly evolving in the near future.”

“And finally this morning there was a proposal made for the use of Kashima as one of the football venues and it was endorsed by the Executive Board.”

“So all in all we are very pleased with the progress in Tokyo.”


About new (urban) events Christophe Dubi said:

“No new venues.”

“Field of play could be a different story. We could have an additional field of play for BMX but that is currently being discussed between Tokyo and the IOC.”

“We have to assure that we have the best field of play. But we are discussing about the concept as well of parks that would be open to the public. Making sure we can engage with youth. So providing additional activities. So you would on one hand fabulous sports events but athe the same time engagement activities.”

“In Buenos Aires you will have 4 parks and one which is called the Urban Park in the port area will display some of the same BMX, skateboarding and sports climbing in an urban setting. And we will test the concept of both the sport venue for the events themselves, but also engagement with the local youth.”

“Gaining expertise on this including with the involvement of the International Federations and then replicate this in Tokyo and learn from Buenos Aires.”


Beijing 2020

Christophe Dubi said:

“They have a number of venues ready. Others are well on track in terms of development.”


Buenos Aires 2018

Christophe Dubi said:

“Buenos Aires preparations are going extremely well.”

“We have a really good strong concept around 4 parks. Which will be different in nature displaying different types of sports and we are very excited with the concept that they have at present.”


Lausanne 2020

Event programme confirmed:

  • Ski mountaineering included as the eighth sport (individual, sprint and relay)
  • Adaptations:
    • Mixed-NOC 3×3 ice hockey tournament
    • Women’s doubles event in luge
    • Women’s Nordic combined ski event
    • For all the new sports and events, existing venues will be used.

About the Youth Olympic Village:

The IOC EB also confirmed that a two-wave stay of athletes will be pioneered for Lausanne 2020, giving more young athletes the opportunity to have the Winter Youth Olympic experience. With the two-wave approach, athletes will be able to condense their length of stay, meaning no need for additional beds in the Youth Olympic Village. The total number of athletes will be 1,880.


Christophe Dubi said:

“The construction have started. Both for the Youth Olympic Village and the new ice rink. Here, this are the two central pieces that will be built obviously for other purposes but will have to be ready for the YOG in 2020.”



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