2024 Bid; IOC Evaluation Commission Report: OCOG Budget and Venue Funding compared

OCOG Budgets compared

RevenueLA 2024Paris 2024ExpenditureLA 2024Paris 2024
USD Million%USD Million%USD Million%USD Million%
IOC Contribution73513.877520Venue Infrastructure119122.472218
TOP Programme (gross)3907.341510Sport, Games Services & Ops99518.791523
Domestic Sponsorship (gross)193136.3112528Technology5279.947612
Ticket Sales153728.9119530People Management68812.959815
Licensing & Merchandising2254.21303Ceremonies & Culture1953.61905
Government Contribution100.21143Comms, Marketing & Look1953.62356
Lotteries70.1501Corprate Admin. & Legacy2865.42316
Other Revenues4909.21604Other Expenses76014.32506
Total Revenues53251003964100Total Expenditures53251003964100


Venue Funding Los Angeles

VenueUSD MillionFunding
Competition Venues
Velodrome (track cycling)66OCOG Budget
Lake Perris (rowing/ canoe sprint)6OCOG Budget
LA Stadium at Hollywood Park (archery, ceremonies)2600Private Funding
LA FC Stadium (football preliminaries)350Private Funding
LA Memorial Coliseum (athletics, ceremonies)270Private Funding
Non-Competition Venues
International Broadcasting Centre (IBC)TBCPrivate Funding


Venue Funding Paris

VenueUSD MillionFunding
Competition Venues
Paris Arena II (basketball, wrestling)103Private-public partnership
Aquatics Centre (swimming, diving, synchronised swimming)123Public Funding
Roland-Garros (tennis, boxing)399Private Funding
Other competition venues (upgrade works)267Public Funding
Non-Competition Venues
Olympic and Paralympic Village1448Private-public partnership
Media Village373Private-public partnership
IBC/MPC57Private-public partnership
Training Venues114Private-public partnership
Other non-competition venues302Private-public partnership



Report of the IOC 2024 Evaluation Commission. (link)

2024 Bid; IOC Evaluation Commission Report: Public Opinion

Los Angeles





Report of the IOC 2024 Evaluation Commission. (link)
The IOC Opinion Poll was run by Sports Marketing Surveys Inc.

Read more about the poll methodology on page 177 of the report.

2024 Bid; IOC Evaluation Commission Report: Reactions

Patrick Baumann (Chair of the 2024 Evaluation Commission and IOC Member) said:

“Members of the Evaluation Commission have used the terms ‘forward-looking’, ‘innovative’, ‘vibrant’, and ‘cool’ to describe the Los Angeles candidature, and ‘historical’, ‘cultural’, ‘iconic’ and ‘amazing backdrops’ for that of Paris.”

“However, whatever the description, it truly is a tale of two great Olympic cities. The two projects are different in nature, but each city presents a proposal which is genuinely authentic and reflects the best of what each has to offer.”


Casey Wasserman (LA 2024 Chairman) said:

“LA 2024 set out to redefine Olympic sustainability, guided by the IOC’s Olympic Agenda 2020 reforms, and we are delighted that our efforts have resonated so clearly with the IOC Evaluation Commission. We are grateful to Evaluation Commission Chairman Patrick Baumann and his colleagues for their comprehensive, insightful appraisal of our bid.”

“With no permanent venues to build and overwhelming public support, LA 2024 can concentrate on putting the best assets of the top global sports and entertainment market to work for the Olympic and Paralympic Movements. We think that makes Los Angeles an ideal Olympic city and an ideal partner for the IOC right now.”


Gene Sykes (LA 2024 CEO) said:

“All of us at LA 2024 will go into the Candidate City Briefing in Lausanne full of confidence after the Evaluation Commission’s endorsement of our Games Plan. Under Olympic Agenda 2020, the Candidature Process has become a collaborative dialogue, including an open and productive discussion during the Evaluation Commission’s visit, which has helped us plan Games that are right for our city and the IOC.”

“Now we look forward to sharing with the full IOC Membership our truly sustainable solution that encourages future cities to bid for the Games, engages the world’s youth and secures the long-term financial stability of the Olympic and Paralympic Movements.”


Tony Estanguet (Co-Chair of Paris 2024) said:

“We are absolutely delighted that the IOC’s report highlights that Paris would be an excellent host of the 2024 Games and is ready to deliver a wonderful celebration of Olympic sport with real and meaningful legacy.”

“We are honoured that Paris’ compact, city-centre Games Plan received extensive praise and that recognition was given to our public engagement programmes and plans to promote the values and the spirit of the Olympic Movement, particularly among young people.”

“We are particularly pleased that the IOC recognized that this is an athlete-focused plan and that all athletes, media, and spectators will have a great Games experience in Paris 2024.”

“We know that we have the right plan to move forward and we thank Patrick Baumann and the Commission for their excellent work.”

“We will use all of the points made in the report to continue to improve our work and we are very much looking forward to presenting our bid to the IOC Members in Lausanne next week.”


Bernard Lapasset (Co-Chair of Paris 2024) said:

“This report confirms that our Games plans are on track and in line with Agenda 2020 and what is needed for great Games in 2024.”

“Paris 2024 represents a unified vision of the sports movement, the political stakeholders and the citizens of Paris and France. There is a momentum behind our bid which this report recognises and understands.”

“This report is a real boost to our work and we are grateful to the Evaluation Commission for their praise and for their advice.”

2024 Bid; Live Sites and National Houses Paris

2024 Bid; Gallery: Olympic Day Celebrations in Los Angeles

LA 2024, the LA84 Foundation, the United States Olympic Committee and the Foundation for Global Sports Development today celebrated a record-breaking Olympic Day 2017 and hosted sports clinics for 500 young Angelenos at LA’s iconic Will Rogers State Beach. Reflecting a commitment to achieving the IOC Olympic Agenda 2020 goal of spreading Olympic values in society, a record-setting 2400 scheduled events in 1503 communities around the country engaged more than 600,000 Americans in celebration of the Olympic and Paralympic Movements.


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Olympic Day in LA