Rio 2016; Olympic velodrome hit by fire for second time this year

Rio 2016 Olympic Velodrome
Photo: Martijn Giebels / Architecture of the Games

This Sunday, the Rio 2016 Velodrome in Barra Olympic Park was damaged by a fire for the second time in 4 months.

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Rio 2016; Brookings Podcasts: The real cost of hosting the 2016 Rio Olympics

Photo: Martijn Giebels / Architecture of the Games


Juliana Barbassa and Theresa Williamson, two contributors to Rio 2016: Olympic Myths, Hard Realities from the Brookings Institution Press, discuss the corruption, disruption, and overall economic costs of hosting last year’s summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.


You can listen to this podcast on the website of the The Brookings Institution .

Rio 2016; Barra Olympic Park transformed into ‘Nova Cidade do Rock’ for Rock in Rio

From September 15th to 17th, and September 21th to 24th, the Rock in Rio music festival will be held in Barra Olympic Park for the first time. You can see below some photos and videos of the first days of this event. (The images also show that the Aquatics Center has not been dismantled yet)




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Rio 2016; Legacy one year on; In other Media

IOC: Olympic Games transport Rio to a new level

For half a century prior to the Olympic Games Rio 2016, there had been a severe lack of robust investment in urban mobility in the city, and the residents of Brazil’s second most-populous municipality had long encountered challenges caused by an overcrowded, unreliable and outdated transport network.

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IOC: Rio’s port area enjoys Olympic-inspired renaissance

Triggered by preparations for the , the “Porto Maravilha” project has transformed Rio de Janeiro’s long-neglected port area into a strategic centre for business, culture and leisure.

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IOC: Sport of rugby takes root in Brazil

One year on from the Olympic Games Rio 2016, rugby is alive and well in Brazil, with participation numbers rising and the game taking root in the country’s schools.

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The Sydney Morning Herald: A year since the Rio Olympics, the legacy of the games is tattered

Maracana Stadium pulsed with samba, bossa nova and forro music a year ago during the closing ceremony of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, but since then, Brazil’s storied temple of soccer has barely been used.

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Business Insider: Violence in Rio de Janeiro has gotten so bad a newspaper is covering it in the ‘war’ section

Nearly 5,000 troops and police were sent into favelas around Rio de Janeiro during the first weekend of August, deployed in an operation responding to a wave of commercial-truck robberies around the city.

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Deutsche Welle: Rio’s Olympic legacy: Corruption and people power

The Rio Olympics were a breeding ground for corruption that left behind crumbling mega-projects. But they also emboldened locals to organize and raise their voices against Brazil’s plutocracy, Andrew Purcell reports.

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Xinhua: Rio one year on: What has been the Olympic legacy?

In his speech during last year’s Olympic Games opening ceremony, Rio 2016 organizing committee chief Carlos Nuzman said that Rio de Janeiro would be transformed by hosting the world’s biggest sporting event.

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ESPN: What is Rio’s Olympic legacy? It depends on whom you talk to in Brazil

What is the Olympic legacy in Rio and Brazil one year after the 2016 Summer Games? It depends on whom you ask.

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The Guardian: View from the Rio favelas: ‘We’re often scared to leave the house in case we’re hit by a stray bullet’

A year has gone by since the Olympic Games. Only 147 of those 365 days ended without the residents of Complexo do Alemão hearing gunshots. After the promises of hope and the Games’ legacy of peace, 218 days were accompanied by a soundtrack of gunfire.

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Golf Channel: One year later: Olympic course defies the odds

Each morning on his way to work Marcio Galvão drives by the vacant sports arenas in Rio’s Olympic Park and the 3,600 empty apartments in the boarded-up Olympic Village.

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Forbes: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Is A Complete Mess

With all that oil and gas under the ocean floor off its coast, Rio de Janeiro was not only blessed by the gods of good weather and romantic landscapes, it was now blessed by the oil gods and that eventually means money.

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Rio 2016; Legacy one year on; What happened to the venues in Copacabana

Photo: Martijn Giebels / Architecture of the Games



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