Rio 2016; Highlight video 2018 ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships in Deodoro

Video by Planet Canoe on YouTube


Whitewater Stadium Deodoro: Facts & Figures

  • Architect; Vigliecca & Associados
  • Consultants; Whitewater Parks International
  • Year completed; 2016
  • Volume lake/reservoir; 25.000 m3
  • Capacity; 8.424 temporary seats (Rio 2016)
  • Olympic Sports; Canoe Slalom
  • Paralympic Sports; –
  • Legacy; Swimming pool / recreational pool (after removal of the obstacles)



Rio 2016; Legacy Video by the International Olympic Committee

Rio 2016 Olympic Legacies

IOC Media on YouTube
Rio 2016 has produced powerful legacies for the people, city, and sport, with important programmes aimed at social development, human enterprise, the environment, and urban development.

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