Sydney 2000; Video: 20 years of Olympic Legacy

Sydney 2000: 20 years of Olympic Legacy

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Twenty years ago, Catherine Freeman, a proud Indigenous Australian athlete, lit the Olympic Cauldron marking the Opening Ceremony of Sydney 2000 – a Games that celebrated not only sports achievement but also unity, forgiveness, resilience and innovation.

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Sydney 2000; Petition calls on government to scrap stadium rebuild plans

An online petition, which was posted on, opposing the plan to demolish and rebuild both Stadium Australia and the Sydney Football Stadium has attracted more than 130,000 signatures.

“We, the undersigned, respectfully call on the Premier of NSW, Gladys Berejiklian, and the NSW Cabinet, to reconsider their decision to knock down two perfectly fine sports stadiums – the Olympic Stadium and Sydney Football Stadium – at a staggering cost of $2Billion, to replace them with new ones, at a time when there is ZERO public demand to replace either.”


You can sign the petition here.


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Sydney 2000; Stadium Australia and Sydney Football Stadium to be replaced by two new stadiums

Thursday, the New South Wales government decided to push ahead with the plan to demolish both Stadium Australia and the Sydney Football Stadium. Both venues were used during the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000. The two stadiums will be replaced at a cost of more than $2bn. Read more about this story on Business Insider Australia.


Stadium Australia (ANZ Stadium)

Photo: Simon_sees on Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Photo: Simon_sees on Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Venue Stadium Australia
Olympics Sydney 2000
Architect Populous
Capacity 82,500 Seats (110,000 during Summer Olympics)
Olympic Sports Ceremonies (opening/closing), Athletics, Football (final)


Sydney Football Stadium (Allianz Stadium)

By HingbenjOwn work, CC0, Link


Venue Sydney Football Stadium
Olympics Sydney 2000
Architect Philip Cox, Richardson & Taylor
Capacity 44,000 Seats
Olympic Sports Football

Olympic bids from the past; Sydney 2000

Photo by Corey Leopold on Flickr. (CC BY 2.0)


Leading up to the 2024 host city election, we pay attention to Olympic bids from the past. Today, the successful bid of Sydney 2000.


Bids for the 2000 Summer Olympics

Applicant cities

  • Brasilia
  • Milan

Candidate cities

  • Sydney
  • Beijing
  • Manchester
  • Berlin
  • Istanbul

2000 Host city election ballots results

101st IOC Session, Monte Carlo, Monaco, 23-09-1993

City Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
Sydney 30 30 37 45
Beijing 32 37 40 43
Manchester 11 13 11
Berlin 9 9
Istanbul 7


Sydney 2000 Olympic Bid Videos


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Sydney 2000; ANZ Stadium’s new redevelopment plan

ANZ Stadium’s new redevelopment plan

A $350 million redevelopment plan for a fully-roofed ANZ Stadium would enable sports fans to sit within five metres of the action, with new grandstands turning Sydney’s biggest venue into a true rectangular ground.


Read full article: Olympic venue’s new field of dreams: ANZ Stadium’s $350 million redevelopment plan [The Daily Telegraph]