2026 Bid; Potential bids (February 2018)

The following cities have expressed interest in hosting the 2026 Olympic Winter Games;

Calgary (Canada)
Official website: shouldcalgarybid.com

Sion (Switzerland)
Official website: sion2026.ch

Sapporo (Japan)

Stockholm (Sweden)

Source: Gamesbids.com – Four 2026 Olympic Bid Cities To Travel To PyeongChang For Observer Program

Other cities that are/were considering to submit a bid

Salt Lake City / Denver / Reno-Tahoe (USA)
Source: United States To Consider 2026 Or 2030 Olympic Winter Games Bid [Gamesbids]

Lilehammer / Telemark (Norway)
Source: Norway’s Telemark Winter Olympics hopefuls reveal bid plan [The Local Norway]

Source: Discussions to take place on potential Lillehammer bid for 2026 Olympics, Norwegian official claims [Inside the Games]

Erzurum (Turkey)
Source: Erzurum emerges as contender for 2026 Winter Olympics [Inside The Games]

Almaty (Kazakhstan)
Beijing narrowly beat Almaty in the vote to win the right to host the 2022 Winter Olympics.