2026 Bid; Masterplan and Venues Stockholm (October 2018)



Stockholm is one of the three candidate cities for the XXV Olympic Winter Games. You can read more about the 2026 bidding process here.


Summary venue master plan

  • 12 Competition venues
    • 6 Existing
    • 1 Temporary
    • 2 Existing – Permanent works required
    • 3 New
  • 75% of venues are extisting or temporary
  • 1 Venue from the 1912 Stockholm Olympic Games
  • 4 Olympic Villages (1 in Latvia)
  • 40% of beds in existing facilities
  • 4 Clusters (1 in Latvia)
  • Distances between Stockholm and other clusters:
    • Åre – 623km – 60m flight + 80min drive
    • Falun – 233km – 162min drive
    • Sigulda (Latvia) – 571km – 70m flight + 80min drive



Master plan in Google Maps


Proposed venues

ClusterZoneVenueSportEventsStatusCapacityParalympic GamesLegacy use
StockholmCentralEricsson GlobeIce Hockey I and CeremoniesIce Hockey and Closing CeremonyExisting with permanent works13000-Hockey Arena
Tele 2 ArenaSkating and CeremoniesShort Track, Figure Skating and Closing CeremonyExisting15200 (seating) + 2800 (seating - temporary)Ice Sledge Hockey and Opening CeremonyFootball arena
HammarbyAlpine SkiingNational Team EventExisting7500 (standing)-Ski Hill
Olympic StadiumSnowboard (SB),Freestyle (FS) and CeremoniesBig Air (SB+FS), Aerials (FS) and Closing CeremonyTemporary9600 (seating) + 5400 (standing)-Athletics Stadium
King’s Garden--Temporary-Closing CeremonyPublic area
Annexet--Existing-MPCConcert venue
NorthBarkarbySkatingSpeed SkatingAdditional (Games dependent)500 (seating) + 2500 (seating - temporary)-Recreation
Friends ArenaCeremoniesOpening CeremonyExisting51000-Event Arena
SlottsbackenMedal Plaza-Temporary-Medal PlazaPublic area
Olympic Village 1 - Barkarbystaden--Planned2700 Beds360 BedsResidential
SouthGubbängenCurlingCurlingPlanned1000 (seating) + 6500 (seating - temporary)Wheelchair CurlingRecreation
HamraBiathlon and Cross CountryBiathlon and Cross CountryAdditional (Games dependent)5000 (seating - temporary) + 30000 (standing)Biathlon and Cross Country SkiingRecreation
ScaniarinkenIce Hockey IIIce HockeyExisting5800 (seating) + 400 (standing)-Hockey Arena
StockholmsmässanIBC and MPC-Existing70000 m2IBCExhibitions
ÅreMountainÅre Ski ResortAlpine SkiingDownhill, Super G, Alpine Combined, Slalom and Giant SlalomExisting3000 (seating - temporary) + 4500 (standing)Alpine SkiingSki resort
Snowboard (SB) and Freestyle (FS)Moguls (FS), Cross (FB+SB), Parallel Giant Slalom (SB) and Slopestyle (FS+SB)Existing with permanent works5000 (seating - temporary) + 2500 (standing)SnowboardSki resort
Halfpipe (FB+SB)Existing with permanent works1500 (seating - temporary) + 6000 (standing)-Ski resort
Åre Congress HallMMC-Existing--Conferences
Olympic Village 2 - Rödkullen--Planned1700 Beds630 BedsResidential
FalunMountainFalun SkidstadionSki Jumping and Nordic CombinedSki Jumping (normal hill and large hill) and Nordic CombinedExisting10000 (standing)-Ski Jump and Cross Country
Olympic Village 3 - Falun Hotel--Existing272 Beds-Hotel
Sigulda (Latvia)SlidingSiguldaBobsleigh, Skeleton and LugeBobsleigh, Skeleton and LugeExisting with permanent works1000 (seating - temporary) + 5000 (standing)-Sliding track
Olympic Village 4 - Sigulda--Planned600 Beds-Residential


Why Stockholm? According to the report of the IOC Working Group:

Stockholm presents an appealing candidature for hosting the 2026 Olympic Winter Games. A modern global capital with a historic city centre, Stockholm proposes venues in the heart of the city that would elevate and energise the Games experience. Sweden has the hosting experience, love for winter sports and established World Cup venues necessary for delivering the Games. In line with Olympic Agenda 2020 / the New Norm, Stockholm has developed a Games concept that addresses the city’s future needs and aims to improve the lives of all its citizens.

Source: Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games 2026 – IOC Working Group Report
Link: Download PDF here