2026 Bid; Candidature process and potential bids (June 2017)

On 9 June 2017, the IOC Executive Board discussed the 2026 candidature process;

The Executive Board also agreed on the principles that should guide the further evolution of the candidature process. Speaking at a press conference, IOC President Thomas Bach emphasised that, whereas the decision about awarding the Olympic Games 2024 is about a seizing a unique opportunity, the evolution of the candidature process for the Olympic Games 2026 is about addressing the specific challenge that the candidature process has become too expensive and too onerous, and produces too many losers. For the 2026 candidature process, the IOC will take a more proactive role in assisting and supporting cities considering a candidature. The IOC will customize its approach to the needs of the cities in order for them to develop the best value proposition. These measures will lead to a simplified process for the cities, with reduced costs. The new approach will be discussed at the IOC Session in July.



The following cities are considering to submit a bid for the 2026 Winter Olympic Games;

Innsbruck (Austria)  
Source: Proposed Innsbruck 2026 Olympic Winter Games Bid Wins National Support [GamesBids]

Calgary (Canada)
Official website

Sapporo (Japan)
Source: Sapporo mayor interested in hosting 2026 Winter Olympics [The Japan Times]

Sion (Switzerland)
Official website

Erzurum (Turkey)
Source: Erzurum emerges as contender for 2026 Winter Olympics [Inside The Games]

The candidature process is expected to start later this year. The host city will be selected in 2019.


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