2024 Bid; Paris 2024 Event on June 23 and 24


At the initiative of the City of Paris, with the Comité National Olympique Sportif Français (CNOSF) and Paris 2024, the heart of Paris will be transformed on 23 and 24 June in an Olympic park dedicated to the celebration of sport and Olympism. This event coincides with the worldwide celebration of Olympic Day on June 23. A large part of the center of Paris will be made pedestrian-only use on this occasion.



Activities are going to take place in at least 10 zones; including:

  • Parc Rives de Seine (fencing, wrestling, archery, pole vaulting)
  • Le Louvre
  • La place de la Concorde (track cycling)
  • Les Invalides (football, handball, rugby, volleyball, baseball)
  • Le pavillon de l’Arsenal (climbing)
  • Le Petit Palais (trampoline)
  • Le Grand Palais
  • Le pont Alexandre III (floating athletics track in the river Seine, diving)
  • l’Avenue Winston Churchil (BMX)
  • I’lle de Saint-Louis (Sailing)


The map and list are not yet complete and subject to change