2024 Bid; IOC Evaluation Commission Report: OCOG Budget and Venue Funding compared

OCOG Budgets compared

RevenueLA 2024Paris 2024 ExpenditureLA 2024Paris 2024
USD Million%USD Million%USD Million%USD Million%
IOC Contribution73513.877520Venue Infrastructure119122.472218
TOP Programme (gross)3907.341510Sport, Games Services & Ops99518.791523
Domestic Sponsorship (gross)193136.3112528Technology5279.947612
Ticket Sales153728.9119530People Management68812.959815
Licensing & Merchandising2254.21303Ceremonies & Culture1953.61905
Government Contribution100.21143Comms, Marketing & Look1953.62356
Lotteries70.1501Corprate Admin. & Legacy2865.42316
Other Revenues4909.21604Other Expenses76014.32506
Total Revenues53251003964100Total Expenditures53251003964100


Venue Funding Los Angeles

VenueUSD MillionFunding
Competition Venues
Velodrome (track cycling)66OCOG Budget
Lake Perris (rowing/ canoe sprint)6OCOG Budget
LA Stadium at Hollywood Park (archery, ceremonies)2600Private Funding
LA FC Stadium (football preliminaries)350Private Funding
LA Memorial Coliseum (athletics, ceremonies)270Private Funding
Non-Competition Venues
International Broadcasting Centre (IBC)TBCPrivate Funding


Venue Funding Paris

VenueUSD MillionFunding
Competition Venues
Paris Arena II (basketball, wrestling)103Private-public partnership
Aquatics Centre (swimming, diving, synchronised swimming)123Public Funding
Roland-Garros (tennis, boxing)399Private Funding
Other competition venues (upgrade works)267Public Funding
Non-Competition Venues
Olympic and Paralympic Village1448Private-public partnership
Media Village373Private-public partnership
IBC/MPC57Private-public partnership
Training Venues114Private-public partnership
Other non-competition venues302Private-public partnership



Report of the IOC 2024 Evaluation Commission. (link)

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