2024 Bid; 130th IOC Session: The day after

Reactions on the approved plan for Paris and Los Angeles to be jointly awarded the 2024 and 2028 Olympic Games;


Los Angeles 2024

“This is a proud day for Los Angeles and for the Olympic and Paralympic Movements in America.

We’re thrilles with the IOC’s decision today, which is a major step forward in making LA’s Olympic Dream a reality.

Today, two of the world’s greatest cities, with outstanding but different proposals, stand ready to serve and advance the Olympic and Paralympic movements and their values. We look forward to working with the IOC and Paris in the weeks ahead to turn this golden opportunity into a golden future together.”




Statement by United States Olympic Committee Chief Executive Officer Scott Blackmun:

“Today’s decision by the IOC is historic and welcome. We look forward to working with our partners in LA, our friends in Paris, and the IOC administration to make the dream of bringing the Games back to the United States a reality.”


Paris 2024