Beijing 2022; Non-competition venues

Training Venues

  • Wukesong Ice Hockey Training Hall
  • CTS Figure Skating Training Hall
  • CTS Short Track Speed Skating Training Hall


Photo by N509FZ – Own work (CC BY-SA 4.0) |


  • Beijing Olympic Village / Beijing Paralympic Village
  • Yanqing Olympic Village / Yanqing Paralympic Village
  • Zhangjiakou Olympic Village / Zhangjiakou Paralympic Village


Photo by N509FZ – Own work (CC BY-SA 4.0) |


  • Main Media Centre (MPC + IBC)
  • Zhangjiakou Mountain Broadcast Centre
  • Zhangjiakou Mountain Press Centre


Medal Plazas

  • Beijing Medals Plaza
  • Yanqing Paralympic Medals Plaza
  • Zhangjiakou Medals Plaza


This post will be regularly updated in the run-up to the Beijing 2022 Olympics. View an overview of all venues here.