Tokyo 2020; Volunteer Uniforms Unveiled

Field Cast

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City Cast

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Press release by Tokyo 2020;

Tokyo 2020 Unveils Field Cast and City Cast Uniforms
19 July 2019

The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Tokyo 2020) today unveiled the official uniforms that will be worn by more than 110,000 “Field Cast” Games staff and volunteers and “City Cast” volunteers during the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020. It is hoped the uniforms will help create a sense of pride and unity among the “cast” of staff and volunteers who will shine on one of the world’s most vibrant and exciting stages during next year’s Games.

The Field Cast uniform incorporates subtly overlapping shades of the motifs and colours featuring in the core graphics used by Tokyo 2020 to create a consistent look and feel at venues and events. These are overlaid by a light rendering of the Tokyo 2020 emblem itself on a refreshing background hue producing a dignified and graceful design representative of the Games. The uniforms are designed to suit all ages, genders and nationalities, to be easily recognisable and to harmonise with the decor of competition venues.

The City Cast uniform expresses affinity with the city of Tokyo through striking deployment of the chequered Tokyo 2020 emblem; its dark blue and white patterns will allow the City Cast volunteers to be easily identified on Tokyo’s streets by tourists, visitors and residents. The uniform features similar colours to those used in the Field Cast uniform to emphasize the unity between Games staff and volunteers and City volunteers.

The uniforms were selected by a committee with members including Olympian, Paralympian, volunteers in the sporting field, and experts from various fields.

They incorporate features to protect against heat, and their composition reflects Tokyo 2020’s focus on sustainability and its championing of diversity.

In terms of heat countermeasures, the uniform material has superior breathability, excellent moisture-absorbing properties and is quick-drying, making it more comfortable to wear and easy to move around in during the Japanese summer. Prototypes were thoroughly tested during the same summer period as the Tokyo 2020 Games and under similar conditions.

With an eye on sustainability, the uniforms are being manufactured using some recycled polyester and plant material.

Reflecting Tokyo 2020’s promotion of the concept of “unity in diversity”, the uniforms adopt a unisex design that will allow staff and volunteers of all ages, sizes and physical abilities to wear them comfortably. The neck of the polo shirt features a simple snap-down button that can be easily removed.

Hiroshi Sato, Tokyo 2020 Vice Director General, commented, “In producing the Field Cast and City Cast uniforms, we have taken account of the potential diversity of wearers, incorporating feedback from volunteers, stylists and various creative individuals. We believe the city of Tokyo will be much enlivened by the presence of over 11,000 volunteers and staff wearing these symbolic and colourful uniforms at venues and around the city before and during the Tokyo 2020 Games. In line with one of our core concepts-Achieving Personal Best–we are looking forward to all volunteers doing their best while wearing the uniforms.”