Tokyo 2020; Torch Relay: Programme Lighting Ceremony


11:15 Closing time for admission of VIPs
Entry of the Presidential Guard
11:25 Arrival of the President of the Hellenic Republic, Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos
11:30 Opening of the Ceremony
Olympic Rings formed by pupils of Ancient Olympia

Οlympic Anthem – Hoisting of the Olympic Flag

National Anthem of Japan – Hoisting of the Japanese Flag

National Anthem of Greece – Hoisting of the Greek Flag

The anthems are performed by the Children’s and Youth Choir of Lavreotiki Municipality

Address by the Mayor of Ancient Olympia, Mr. Georgios Georgiopoulos

Address by the special representative of the President of the “TOKYO 2020” Organising Committee, Mr. Toshiaki Endo

Address by the President of the International Olympic Committee, Mr. Thomas Bach

Address by the President of the Hellenic Olympic Committee and Member of the International Olympic Committee, Mr. Spyros Capralos

Entry of the designated officials in the Temple of Hera

Ritual of the Lighting Ceremony at the Temple of Hera

Entry of the High Priestess and the Priestesses into the Ancient Stadium with the Olympic Flame

Dance performance by the Priestesses

Handing over of the Olympic Flame by the High Priestess to the first Torchbearer

Departure of the first Torchbearer for the Pierre de Coubertin Monument

Opening of the Olympic Torch Relay

End of the Ceremony

Source: Hellenic Olympic Committee

Note: All times are local time



A live stream will be available on the website of the International Olympic Committee.


Details of the Greek leg of the Torch Relay

  • Lighting Ceremony: 12 March 2020 near the Temple of Hera at the sacred site of Ancient Olympia
  • Duration: 8 days in Greece
  • Length: 3,200 kilometers
  • Cities: 31
  • Archaeological sites: 15
  • Ceremonies: 28
  • Number of torchbearers: 600
  • Handover Ceremony: 19 March 2020 at the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens