Tokyo 2020; Third IPC Tokyo 2020 Project Review concluded

After two days of meetings the IPC, Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee, Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Japanese Paralympic Committee have concluded the third IPC Tokyo 2020 Project Review.

Xavier Gonzalez (IPC Chief Executive Officer) said:

“All stakeholders are showing great commitment and enthusiasm to staging the best Paralympic Games ever.”

“During our short time here we have been captivated at the visibility of the Paralympic brand around the city and on licensed merchandise. The level of interest and awareness in the Games is like nothing we have experienced with three years still to go.”

“We are greatly encouraged at the passing of the Universal Design 2020 Action Plan and the publication of Tokyo 2020’s own accessibility guidelines. Both will go some way to ensure greater inclusion for all in this city.”

“We want accessibility to be a fundamental part of the design process for all the new venues built for the Games. As for existing venues, we hope that accessibility is not compromised and that all these facilities are brought up to speed with the requirements for hosting Paralympic sport.”

“Across the city, TMG is doing some fantastic work in improving accessibility, but this now needs to go further and cover the private sector.”


About the venue masterplan (to be completed in 2018);

“The road cycling venue can often be a challenge for Organising Committees and we are happy for Tokyo 2020 and the UCI to take the necessary time needed in order to find a suitable and correct venue.”



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