PyeongChang 2018; River near the former Olympic Plaza flooded

Transport hub Daegwanryong-myeon. Photo: Martijn Giebels


Last month, the Chaebang River in Daegwanryong-myeon was flooded after heavy rainfall. In Daegwanryong-myeon the PyeongChang Olympic Plaza, Medal Plaza and the Olympic Stadium were situated.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the flooding was caused by facilities built for the Olympics in the riverbed (probably a bus stop for shuttle buses). Because of the blockade, the passage for the river was too narrow, which resulted in the flooding.

About 60 households were affected by the flood. The IOC has pledged $150,000 in aid.


Time-lapse Daegwanryong-myeon 2013/2018

Image: Google Earth – CNES / Airbus. Time-lapse Architecture of the Games


News report by Yonhap News TV