Rio 2016; Legacy one year on; What happened to the venues in Maracanã

Photo: Martijn Giebels / Architecture of the Games



  • Type; Existing, temporary expanded
  • Olympic Sports; Athletics + Football
  • Paralympic Sports; Athletics
  • Legacy; Home of Botafogo Football Club



  • Type; Existing, renovated in 2013
  • Olympic Sports; Ceremonies + Football
  • Paralympic Sports; Ceremonies
  • Legacy; Supposed to be the home of the Brazilian national football team, Flamengo and Fluminense. But infrequently used in the past year. (read more)



  • Type; Existing
  • Capacity; 11.800 seats
  • Olympic Sports; Volleyball
  • Paralympic Sports; –
  • Previous major events; 2007 Pan American Games
  • Legacy; Not used since Rio 2016. A small fire damaged the venue in September 2016. The repair of the damage has not yet taken place.



  • Type; Existing, upgraded in 2012
  • Olympic Sports; Athletics (marathon) + Archery
  • Paralympic Sports; Archery
  • Legacy; Permanent parade ground