2016 Year in Review; My top 10 of the Rio Olympics (Part 2)

Today I’ll continue with my top 10 list of Rio 2016. You can read part 1 here.


5. Copacabana Beach

August 16, 2016. Marathon Swimming. Photo: Martijn Giebels

The famous Copacabana beach hosted a few competitions. I’ve visited both the temporary beach volleyball venue and the triathlon/marathon-swimming venue. Watching sport with your feet in the sand/ocean and a cloudless sky is heaven on earth! (read more)


4. Maracanã Stadium

August 5, 2016. Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony in Maracanã. Photo: Martijn Giebels

One of the most impressive stadiums I have ever visited. Two enormous concrete ramps bring visitors to the five different levels. Once inside you can only realize how large this stadium is. The recent renovations haven’t compromised the atmosphere within. (read more)


3. Usain Bolt

August 14, 2016. Usain Bolt prepares himself for the 100m semi final. Photo: Martijn Giebels

I’m a great fan of Usain Bolt. And to be present in the stadium and to see him win his third consecutive Olympic 100m gold medal was for me one of the highlights of the Games. The atmosphere of excitement in the stadium hours before the start, followed by a moment of complete silence, and ending in an explosion of sound at the moment when Bolt crossed the finish line. This was an unforgettable evening. And Bolt is now a true Olympic legend!


2. Rio de Janeiro – Cidade Maravilhosa

Photos: Martijn Giebels


Cidade Maravilhosa
Cheia de encantos mil
Cidade Maravilhosa
Coração do Meu Brasil!

– Except of the lyrics of the song Cidade Maravilhosa by André Filho. Nowadays the anthem for the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Wonderful city
Full of thousand charms
Wonderful city
Heart of My Brazil!

Rio de Janeiro is probably the most beautifully situated city that has ever hosted the Olympics. The Cariocas live in the middle of a spectacular landscape where the ocean meets lavishly green mountains.


1. Gold medal Brazil Men’s Football

August 2, 2016. Neymar leaves a hotel in Brasilia days before the start of the Olympics. Photo: Martijn Giebels

Unfortunately, I had to watch the men’s football final in a hotel room. However, for me this is the highlight of the Rio Olympics. I still get goose bumps when I watch the penalty series of this match. The moment that Neymar gave the host nation the much desired (and deserved) gold medal. The nation-wide celebrations showed that this was more than just a medal. It was the first Olympic Football gold medal for Brazil. It was also the revenge for an unsuccessful World Cup on home soil in 2014. And perhaps the most important: the team unified and brought joy to a nation in times of political and economical turmoil.