London 2012; Follow transformation Olympic Stadium via hi-res time-lapse cameras

Follow transformation Olympic Stadium via hi-res time-lapse cameras


With less than two years until we move to our iconic new home, supporters can now keep track of developments at the Stadium wherever they are. We are delighted to announce a new feature on which will allow Hammers fans to watch images from Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to see the stunning conversion taking shape for themselves.

Working with our partners at the London Legacy Development Corporation, high-resolution time-lapse cameras have been installed to take regular pictures of the work in progress. They will show the famous venue being transformed into one of the greatest stadiums in world football.

Two of the cameras are located in the heart of the new Stadium, providing a close-up look at how the old structure is changing to accommodate the huge cantilevered roof, a new floodlighting system, the innovative retractable seating and our state-of-the-art Desso pitch.

Camera one takes in the view from the South Stand towards the North, while camera two offers a view across the Stadium taking in the East Stand, which will feature ‘kop style’ seating.

A third camera is located high up in the ArcelorMittal Orbit, towering above Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and the city skyline. It provides a dramatic bird’s eye view of all the work in progress in and around the Stadium.

Visitors to the time-lapse pages on our website can simply choose one of the camera views, click on any date going back over recent weeks and a short film will automatically be created showing all the progress from that point until the present day.


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