London 2012; Beyond 2012

An inspiring design story

In 2005, the London Games organisers had a vision: to deliver an Olympic and Paralympic Games that would inspire a generation. But to make this happen, they needed creators, designers, architects and engineers.

Britain’s designers stepped up to the challenge – in some cases helping develop new standards and ways of working. Long after the summer of 2012, this will continue to raise the bar – not just for the many designers involved in the Games but for the entire British design industry.

Read about the organisers’ guiding principles from innovation to legacy in the 2012 Design Story.

From a sketch to a stadium. An idea to a brand. Unpick the London 2012 Games and you reveal a series of golden threads, each leading back to a different yet integrated design story.

We hope you enjoy exploring these stories of London 2012 and feel inspired by the transformational power of design.