Barcelona 1992; IPC: “Transforming Lives Makes Sense for Everyone” campaign

Part 1 – Infrastructure

In the second instalment of the the award-winning “Transforming Lives Makes Sense for Everyone” campaign, focuses on the accessible infrastructural legacies of the Barcelona 1992 Paralympic Games. The first of three short films, published to coincide with the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3 December, showcases how accessibility has made a real and long-lasting impact on peoples’ lives in Barcelona.


Part 2 – Transport

The second film of the IPC’s “Transforming Lives Makes Sense for Everyone” Barcelona 1992 campaign, focuses on some of the post-Games accessibility improvements made in transportation. The transport arrangements laid on for Para athletes during the Games provided a glimpse of how the integrated transport system of the future would look like.


Part 3 – Accessibility

Part three of the Transforming Lives Barcelona 1992 series made in conjunction with the UN Human Rights Office and SDG Action campaign. More information:


Videos by the International Paralympic Committee on YouTube.