Barcelona 1992; Barcelona Architecture Walks

The Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games are widely regarded as one of the most successful ever. Throughout 2017, 25 years later, we look back at the Games that forever changed Barcelona. (see all posts in this series)


Part 10 – Barcelona Architecture Walks

You can learn more about urbanism and architecture in Barcelona through these walks;



“Discover the city through the eyes of an architect. Welcome to the Barcelona Architecture Walks, a series of urban walking tours led by architects, inviting you to discover our city through the buildings and lessons of its Masters.”

Source: Barcelona Architecture Walks on YouTube



  • BARCELONA & URBANISM: The origins of Modern Barcelona
  • BARCELONA & THE SEA: Discover Barcelona through its Architecture
  • BARCELONA & GAUDI: A great start to discover the genius of Gaudi
  • BARCELONA & THE MARKET: See Barcelona through the eyes of Enric Miralles
  • BARCELONA & THE FUTURE: Walk through the smart city looking for our future!