Melbourne 1956; Historic footage of preparations for the Games

GV. Carlton Football Ground, Melbourne. LV. Football Ground and Stand (this will be the site for the new stadium). SV. Architect Frank Heath discusses drawing with Mr. Coles (Chairman, Games Committee). CU. Frank Heath. SV. Pan, new Olympic Stadium drawings. SV. Exterior of Stadium drawings. SV. Under stands of Stadium. SV. Pan main grandstand. GV. Stadium.


From the Film Australia Collection. Made by the National Film Board 1955. A brief description of Melbourne, venue of the 1956 Olympic Games. Shot in Cinemascope this film is one of several films made by the National Film Board promoting the coming of the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, the first time the games were to be held in the Southern Hemisphere. Typically the films survey Melbourne the city and the preparations for the games.


As the London Olympics of 2012 are in the final stages of preparation we look back 56 years to the 1956 Melbourne Olympics and see how that city undertook the same task. Made by The Commonwealth Film Unit 1956.